Sunday, 31 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 31

Yes, I've made it!! Back at the beginning of last week I had wondered if I could keep listing, making, sharing, blogging every day but I've done it.

Quite a few people have asked if I'm going to carry on. Probably not at this frantic pace but I will keep blogging and sharing. I'll be making too but I have missed producing larger pieces. Crochet is so time consuming. It's also motivated me into having a set routine.

People have been so supportive. The daily comments have been great to read and I apologise for not replying. There have not been enough hours in the day.

My next project has got to be centred on my workspace. I've already chosen artwork so keep watching this space. But back to July.

Today's project is this,

It's on loan from my OH. I've got to be careful with it. Don't drop it. Make sure I put the lens cap back on properly. Switch it off when I've finished with it ..........

It's been a long time since I was eight!

By the time I'd recharged the batteries, found the right lead the best of the weather was starting to go. I thought I'd do an appraisal of my own, a round up of this month's work. I got everything out and started to take photos, some on my old camera and some on the new (to me) camera.

What do you think? New one first.

I think the new one is sharper. Neither of them have been adjusted so the light is better too. It's no contest with close work.

Again untouched. New first.

As soon as I'd taken everything outside it came to rain. The wind had picked up so the photos have been rushed because things kept flying off the table. They're almost action shots!

Remember these?

Just a few of the things I've finished this month. Phew!

I'll still need to play around with focus and stuff but it's a start and an improvement.

The listing today (taken with the old camera) is a lovely coral pink scarf made from an Amy Butler organic wool and cotton blend. It's a lovely yarn. I really like this scarf. I might keep it if it doesn't sell before relisting time. It's on Folksy and Etsy

It's been very quiet on Folksy but I've chosen two July Jewels. Their work hasn't been listed today but these are for all my followers.

The first is from Aunty Joan. Her cards are great. You should see her pirate cards! This one is for the party I feel like throwing.

The next one is from Ello Design. I think this pretty card speaks for itself!

As you can't have cards without flowers I'd just like to leave you with a little something.

Oops!! Wait while I just pick the camera off the floor. Is it meant to rattle like that? Where did I put that lens cap? Which is the off switch?

Oh dear!


Gemma said...

Congrats for doing the whole month! And love your listings. If you dont feel like joing in full time why not pop in every couple of days instead.
Teehee- you take care of that camera missy!

Wendy said...

Hello! I thought I'd pop over from Etsy and actually leave a comment here for you. I have been following your dailies, even though I haven't been commenting and have enjoyed your projects very much - still love the fat fairy. I did laugh at myself as I was studying your before and after shots and couldn't see what you meant by one being sharper - then realised I wasn't wearing my glasses... sigh!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on surviving the 31 days!

Hopefully you're already on the champagne - you deserve it!

Oddball Art Co. said...

What a nice post ~ Grand Finale!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Time to bust out the booze and celebrate! :) ps I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink scarf you listed today, I am sure you saw I already hearted it earlier lol

cathouseprints said...

Congrats!!! You did it! I agree that this a grand finale post, but feel kind of sad that it will not continue (or at least daily).

The pictures with the new camera look fabulous.

Can't wait to see more! And, raise you glass! Job well done.

bluedaisyglass said...

Well done on completing your challenge. I have the same camera and still haven't quite got to grips with it yet. Please post some tips when you do.

Ello Design said...

Congrats on getting to 31 days! and thank you so much for featuring my strawberry thank you card :)

Leanne x x

Kitt said...
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Kitt said...

This post made me smile, the photos really are so much better with your new camera. I recently managed to persuade my brother to trade cameras with me and got the same speech (his is significantly better though he never uses it) and since then I've been taking photos of everything it's great fun although family and friends are starting to get a little sick of me wanting to take photos of cake, tea, dinner before we eat!