Monday, 18 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 18

As you might know I've been east across the border into England. It's 135 miles between my house and my brother's. It's not far. It takes me 2 hours (actually officer I keep to a steady 70 all the way). It might as well be France for all the cultural differences. I open my mouth to speak and either I get a really puzzled look in return or they say, 'Oh, you're Welsh.' Yes, I know this. I haven't got a strong Welsh accent. We live in a very anglicized part of the world. but it's an accent. Do they think do they say same thing to Spaniards or Italians? Answers on the back of a stamp please.

The conversation around the dinner table yesterday was the old chestnut; Is it still legal to shoot Welshmen with a longbow in Shrewsbury? This simple answer is  - well... no! It's not legal under modern 'British' law to shoot anyone, anywhere with a longbow, especially in the back after dark! My answer is, 'As a woman it doesn't change my attitude. There are quite a few Welshmen I can think of that deserve a trip to Shrewsbury!'

Enough of that.

I have completed an item today. I've sewn on some very nice vintage glass buttons on an already started cowl.

I knitted an extra thick, long cowl last winter for Rolla. Her friends have asked where she bought it. It was me!! I've made this one from acrylic as a one off. I'll buy some wool before autumn and add it to my range for the winter.

Listed today on Folksy is one of the garlands I've had on Etsy

Are you sensing a theme? Well this next item might dash it.

Our Folksy July Jewel today is Polly Kraft. I'm putting some Celtic green in that red white and blue!

This poppy tea cosy makes me smile. It almost makes me want to give up coffee! Just like the poppies in my garden it's crying out, 'Look at me!!'


mummybear said...

I love your garland! Beautiful!

Polly said...

Love your cowl and your garland is fun.

Thanks for featuring my tea cosy.

TG said...

Ha, that made me smile :) My brother married a girl from the valleys. They now live in Ystradgynlais but were in stationed near the border for a few years. She experienced the same.

Oddball Art Co. said...

I love the cowl and garland and the tea cozy is cute too! Thank you for sharing!