Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 20

Way back at the beginning of the month I mentioned that two of my photos had been shortlisted for London Schmap. I've heard today that they've been chosen. Take a look! Spitalfields Market and Greenwich Market
That was worth getting out of bed for this morning.

It was, almost, a day in front of BBC News again today. The House of Commons was at its braying best as it heard excuse after excuse and heaped derision upon derision. They can now all go on their hols and have a jolly good time.

As this was going on coverage showed a jet leaving Luton airport believed, allegedly, to have the Murdochs on board. Questions being asked elsewhere no doubt.

This is better than watching a film. If ever it's turned into a blockbuster it will not be as fascinating or surreal as following events unfolding on a daily, no hourly, rate.

I sat and put the finishing touches to Bill's friend. I think I'll call her Harriet. She doesn't look like Ms Harman but for some reason the name has lodged in my brain today. It could be the hat.

 She doesn't count as today's project, She's just been groomed a bit.

Today's Folksy listing is single red, white and blue garland that has been on Etsy

For today's project I have to thank K from Blonde Design for her great tutorial on how to make a pocket tissue case. Her instructions are so good that I made one in no time.

Now I want to go out and buy more fabric. I can see a whole batch of them being made.

All of this gingham is making me think of Christmas. That and the weather. It's been so cold and wet it might as well be winter. It also didn't help that I bought Christmas candles in the IKEA sale but the Folksy July Jewel today will give us a taste of high summer.

This sumptuous bracelet comes from Bedecked Beads. It has all you need for a summer accessory.


Marilyn said...

they're on a plane leaving the UK?...oh no, that means they're on their way back here...lucky us!! not sure they will be questioned on this side...unless they find something in the rumours about the 9/11 families... despicable people...
love that little bracelet...

Bedecked Beads said...

Thanks so much for featuring my bracelet on your blog!
Love Harriet..cant see the resemblance to Ms Harman but who knows, she could be in disguise..

Anonymous said...

The photos look good, congratulations!

Glad it's not just me hooked on BBC News for the last few days as the whole sordid saga starts to unravel.....

cathouseprints said...

Agree with Marilyn, and they are despicable people. And congrats on the photos! That is cool. They're great.