Sunday, 24 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 24

It was back to the crochet hook for me today. This is what I've listed.

The African flower motif has been given a scalloped edge. I've used my favourite organic cotton again. It reminds me of bubblegum. The sort that you can blow huge bubbles with. They're listed here on Folksy and Etsy.

You see the other round coaster with the cream edge? Well, that was going to be a cushion cover. I've used
a great tutorial for an African flower mandala from Crochet with Raymond. I was going great guns. I stopped to have a coffee and thought that while I was taking a break I'd pop out of town to buy a round cushion pad. Guess what? Discontinued. Grrr

Never to be discouraged I went to a shopping outlet on the other side of town. The trusty, all purpose homeware shop has ... closed down!

I had no alternative but to go to the supermarket, buy a bottle of wine and a cream cake! While I was there I did have a quick look in their homeware section but no cushion pads. However, they did have lots of pillows on special offer. If I can't get a round cushion pad I'll make a casing and buy some pillows and use the hollow fill as stuffing.

This is by way of explaining the glass in the last photo. This is how far I've gone with today's project.

It will get done but I need to work to a size. Of course, I could keep going and make it into a blanket as I usually do!

As I'm having a pink and flowery day I thought I'd pick some Jewels in the same tone.

The first is a handmade Kanzashi flower brooch/corsage from Court and Spark.

The next is another pretty pink corsage from jewellfelt

Have a great what's left of the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Still going strong - you're going to put me to shame!

CourtandSpark said...

Gorgeous post - love your beautiful flowers and thanks for featuring one of my Kanzashi brooches!

Squintessential said...

Oooh your coasters look lovely!I am jealous as I can't get past the first row in crochet yet!

cathouseprints said...

Love the coasters and how you showcased them with wine!! How dreadful to go out for items and/or shops that are discontinued and/or closed! We have a chain of stores here in California called Trader Joe's. They are great and get great items. It never fails, as soon as I find something there and start buying it and recommending it to friends, it gets discontinued! What's up with that?

So, Cat, keep up the good work!

Baban Cat said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. The search goes on tomorrow. I'm braving the town centre. It should be fun as it's the first day of the school summer holiday!

Oddball Art Co. said...

Its all beautiful and I agree definitely looks like bubblegum lol