Thursday, 28 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 28

It's a short one today. I've been on a fruitless task for most of  the day. The search for large sheets of tissue paper was just too much so I settled for smaller sheets from The Works. Why?

Last Christmas shopping with Rolla in London I was smitten with the huge, white paper decorations in some of the shops. I mean huge! Imagine how thrilled I was when I did a search for pompoms yesterday and these showed up.

These are from Martha Stewart.

Of course I didn't have any tissue paper, florist wire..... but now I have. Not the right size or colour but here they are. Very rough and ready but I gave it a go.

Whatch ya doin?

Not my garden. This is my garden. With another pompom completed with the right size but not enough sheets. It's much easier trying to separate larger sheets.

The moral is... always follow instructions. If anyone knows where I can find white tissue sheets 20"x30" please let me know.

My listing today is on Folksy and Etsy. It's a pair of Queen Anne's lace crochet bookmarks. They're made from organic cotton.

Two Folksy July Jewels today because I've got a soft spot for little houses.

First it's an ACEO by Cherry Tree Handmades. Chosen because it reminds me of all those little Welsh terraces clinging to valleys. This little row of cottages is only 2.5"x3.5". Incredible!

Here we have a pretty pincushion by Pants and Paper. It's made from a linen mix with a fabric collage.

Today's choices are for all of you with cottage industries!!


Oddball Art Co. said...

All really cool!! You might try for large tissue paper, I don't know for sure but I would be willing to bet they have it!

cathouseprints said...

Very cool pom poms! I can't believe they are tissue paper! Martha's are cool too! (I aspire to be her, sans jail time, lol).

Don't know if you have a craft store called Michaels, but I'd say they'd have the large sheets of tissue paper. You might want to steer clear of the artists tissue paper as that will bleed when it gets wets (cool indeed, but probably not good for the poms).