Thursday, 14 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 14

Do you believe in coincidences? In the trashy crime novels I read - there guilty secret's out - there's no such thing as a coincidence.

Several strange things have happened to me while on Flickr. I know we're back to yesterday's post but this is spooky. Several weeks ago I posted a picture of a white blanket I'd crocheted and listed.

Then Gabylight  posted her blanket to show me she'd done something similar. Then she posted a beautiful shawl. The background duvet is exactly the same one I have from IKEA.  A coincidence, yes, but it can be explained as two people having the same tastes.

But when this happened this morning I can only put it down to some sort of telepathy. I've always liked the work of Peregrine Blue. She has an Etsy shop. Her newly posted photo really sparked something this morning.

I visited her blog Por Amor Al Arte to see here wonderful fibre art pieces. It reminded me of the work I used to do. I studied Embroidered Art at O level, Textile Art in college but for some reason, (well - work, family etc, etc)  I'd never carried on. OK, I've had the odd flirt with cross stitch, sewing, crochet but never used those crafts to express myself. Looking back over this month's projects I've realised, as Lolly Rotten did, that this is not the real me. There's too much cute.

After looking at Flickr I had a quick check of my blog and found that while I was looking at her blog Peregrine Blue had left a comment on my Yoyo page. This is what she said,

 'so impressive, addiction or not you are on to creating something very original'

Now that is spooky! It's also a kick up the bum. I need to find my voice in the mayhem out there. Since finishing work I have been revisiting old skills and trying to learn new ones. I now need to put these together and find my expressive side.

I then wasted the best part of the morning looking for a simple crochet hexagon pattern to use as a backing for my African flowers. I finally found one after wading through the mud of an internet search. It was written in American terms which is fine, so was the African flower pattern. I can translate. Except this pattern  also included invented terms that were probably significant to the person who wrote the pattern but not to me.

By this time I'd had enough. You know what? I'm an intelligent person so I wrote my own. I've spent today trying it out.

Thank you to Knitter Gal for asking what I did with the back of the pincushion I listed today. Without that question I would have made the backs the same as the fronts.

This pretty pincushion is listed on Folksy and Etsy It's made from organic cotton, my favourite. The African flower motif is on both sides.

My Folksy July Jewel today is Damselfly Gemma The yummy colours of these gorgeous earrings remind me that I've still to finish Bill's friend.

Happy birthday, Gemma!


Oddball Art Co. said...

Thank you for sharing all of this. Your new listings are really pretty and I like them alot, keep up the great work and going so great on your challenge, I am much impressed!

Ajax said...

Nice crocheting! I WISH I knew how..anyway, found you via Etsian Artists :).

Gemma said...

Your hexgons are fab! Great pincushion and thanks for feturing me as you July Jewel for the day